So happy I get to finally share about this project!  I was approached by TED Ed in January about creating a lesson for their website — my good friend and talented illustrator Jeremy Wat had nominated me!   My first inclination was to say no, with Cody still only 4 months old and quite the handful.  But when TED told me the topic, the collapse of the honeybee population, I just couldn’t resist - I’ve wanted to do a film on honeybees for the longest time and here was the perfect opportunity!  

So, I approached Kim Leow, aka Cubeblast, to see if she’d be interested in collaborating with me.  We have similar design styles and could create an interesting 2D/3D piece.  Based on an unsolved mystery themed script, I wanted to go for a film with a serious tone, a little bit dark but not macabre.  I had ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ running through my head most of the time — old world mystery mixed with modern Scandinavian minimalism.  We weren’t sure it would translate but went for it anyways.

I was also lucky enough to get motion guru Jorge R. Canedo Estrada  on board.  He brought along with him the talented Kasey Lum — they were an incredible duo to work with.

My husband, John Poon, scored the film, and we struck gold when Kim asked Derek Gebhart to narrate for us.

Jump forward 2 months, working almost every evening once I put the baby down, countless late night exchanges between our team members (we were all working after hours), and much back and forth between us and TED…and I’m finally able to share this piece with you!  Thanks to the TED Ed team for getting in touch. We are pretty proud of this film and hope more importantly that it explains why it’s important to care about the disappearing Honeybee population.

View the complete lesson here:

Produced for TED-Ed
Directed by Lillian Chan and Kim Leow
Written by Emma Bryce

Art Direction + Design: Lillian Chan
2D Animation + Motion: Jorge Estrada and Kasey Lum
3D Animation: Kim Leow
Music and Sound Design: John Poon
Narration: Derek Gebhart

styleframes and original designs



Kim’s UVs

My Plant Designs

Kim’s Fruit and Veg


Ramen Party Music Video from Ramen Party on Vimeo.

A music video for our pet project RAMEN PARTY! ( It kicked off our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to build a storybook app that teaches pre-school kids about food, music and mixing! I did all the animation and my husband, John Poon, did the music.

Staples PSA - On Their Mind from lillian chan on Vimeo.

Directors Jon and Torey ( worked with talented illustrator Ben Weeks ( to create this Staples spot. I was invited to be lead animator, overseeing the technical execution of on-set animation, where Ben, his assistant Ian Turner, and myself, drew 180 frames over two days. An Alexa was used to capture the kids and each frame of animation in-camera.